Contractor of the week

As some of you might know, Virginia Beach is very competitive in terms of getting work. There are so many companies for potential customers to choose from, that it gets confusing and the only way to get ahead as a contractor, is to stand out from everyone else.

Now, there are many ways to be different from the crowd… You could provide amazing customer service and promote you company via word of mouth advertising. You could run paid ads, but everyone’s already doing it, so you’d be no different from Johnny the concrete guy down the street. So what make a company REALLY stand out?

We’ve asked Richard, the owner of Concrete Driveway & Patio of Virginia Beach why his business has been so successful at attracting many new customers with very little advertising.

He told us a couple of things that have played a huge role in the success of his concrete company, but the one thing he wanted us to share, was about his involvement in the community.

Richard made a gigantic shift in his business, to focus on helping his local community as much as possible. Several things started to happen when Richard and some of his crew started appearing and even organizing events right here in Virginia Beach.

First, people would strike up conversations and begin networking while attending these events. Richard also mentioned how effortless and unprovoked it was. He was there for the community, rather than self promotion, but ended up getting both.

Second, about a week after this huge shift, random people started calling Richard’s office asking to give them estimates on driveways and other concrete work. I would like to remind you that it has only been a week! The story get’s better though…

Another week has gone by and Richard got an email from City Of Virginia Beach asking about him and his business. They have sent him a thank you letter and congratulated him on being awarded the Small Business Community Involvement Award, which is how I first heard of their company. I’ve also heard that a mid-sized newspaper is putting together a story about Concrete Driveway & Patio of Virginia Beach.

Isn’t it just the craziest turn of events? Shows the whole action equals reaction things, doesn’t it? I was extremely impressed with the story and decided to reach out to Rick and find out more, unfortunately, he didn’t have too much time to spend with me on the phone, since he had all those new clients to service!

Our short, 15 minute conversation made me think about a few things. I got to know Richard as well as myself a little more. He is very genuine and loves to help, no matter if it’s an elderly lady trying to cross the street or a dog on the side of the street that hurt itself running.

The lesson here is, to get out there and help without expecting anything in return, get involved and great things will happen to you and your business.

Richard’s concrete company is one of the youngest ones in Virginia Beach, but it’s quite possible that he’s got more exposure that some of the most established ones, simply because of his actions!

All of the above is why I have chosen Concrete Driveway & Patio of Virginia Beach as the contractor of the week.

Thank you!